Kate Rose

I’m a portrait and lifestyle photographer specializing in creating memorable content for brands and businesses that tell a striking story of who they are. I also work with individuals, couples, and musicians from ethereal photographs, engagements, and weddings, to promos and live photos.

Originally hailing from small-town Ohio, I grew used to the country roads and having to drive near an hour to get to any sort of society. Living in a town without much to do, left me with a passion for exploring and finding projects to fill my time. I started photographing at the age of 12 and never looked back. There’s something about being able to meld a vision in my mind with what my eyes see in front of me; to create something that moves my soul and those around me. I want to capture a moment suspended in time, enveloped in feelings and emotion. I strive to take my viewers to exactly that instant, and have them feel like they’re a part of the story; to have them feel alive.

Now located in Denver, CO, I’m finally able to spend all the time I’ve dreamt of in the mountains and pines. You can find me outside riding bikes, with friends watching hockey games or indulging in pizza or tacos, and quite possibly in that order. Let’s meet up, grab a cup of coffee or beer, and bring your photographic vision to life.

Press, Media & Brand Collaborations